* General Terms and Conditions of the DIG88 Promotions

1. All members requesting each offer must accept the terms of the Company's offer.

2. This offer is for only one account. For joint accounts in one household, address, phone number, email, single bank account, or IP, one computer will not be allowed to request this promotion.

3. This offer is provided to all customers for increased entertainment. DIG88 reserves the copyright to limit the number of member participation for any promotion.

4. DIG88 reserves the right to change, modify or terminate this Promotion and any part of the Software at any time without prior notice.

5. If customer is found to be in violation of the law of the Offer's Certification Program, the Company reserves the right to cancel or not pay the prize plus the winnings. In addition, the company reserves the right to make payments to the customer's account based on the value of the bonus for payment, management costs and other expenses.

6. Determining what is a violation of the bonus of the company is the company's decision. But to clarify what will be considered as proof of breach of a bonus that does not count, such as the following this example:

      1. Bet on Over 50% of member's starting balance (Related Deposit, plus Bonus) on single bet.

      2. Double or Twin betting on two different forms

      3. Use multiple accounts, fraudulent accounts and accounts, and so forth

      4. Using a VPN to Frail or Hide Unnamed IP Addresses (IP)

      5. Trying to use fraud methods, bonuses and betting results

      6. Betting Violation and Violation of Terms

      7. All DIG88 Terms and Conditions will be enforced.